Is it worth the price?#taxi prt 2

Taxi Conductor: “Banna banna; mpererwe Gayaza kasangati…”
(4 people per seat; a normal taxi is a 3 seater)

Passenger: “Yiiyii atte lwaki?”

(really?, why???)

Taxi Conductor: “Maama enkuba yatonye”

(Madam, it rained today)

Taxi Conductor: “Nkumi biri biri bwaise kawempe maganjo kagoma”

(2000Ugsh to Bwaise, Kawempe, Maganjo Kagoma)

Passenger: “Yiiyi nga buligyo mutwalilawo lukumi lwoka”

( Really?, why??? It’s usually only 1000Ugsh to that stage)

Taxi Conductor: “Maama bwoba tosasule ngatotuula!”

(Madam, if you cant afford it, then dont enter the taxi!’s that simple!)

5.00pm struck and I rushed to the taxi stage along kampala road, caught a taxi to the famous Old kampala Taxi park. Pushing through the mob I found my way to the Kawempe Maganjo stage. This is what I found….

On a cold muddy evening I debated the words of a young suitor I once had, “just say the word'” he would say…”and it will be so!” His name was Solomon, and no better name would suit him. Lets say him and king Solomon had a parallel relationship.  He was what the youth of our days called a hunk; light skinned, well built body, thick curly hair and tall. Taller than I ofcourse, but the kind of tall that makes a girl comfortable enough to lean in for a warm hug; into  those his strong looking arms. Yes….dude was fine!!! He coupled his looks with a Justin Timberlake kind of style….yes, I could say he was a dream for any girl my age. 

See I was in my first year at the university, fresh out of a single sex school and boy could this brother make me glad I studied literature! He spoke with a profoundness that my teacher of English would highly second. His wallet was a comfortable place for any desire he had, and he had kindly offered to add mine to the list yet that caused his wallet no discomfort! I know right….did he have a car, ofcourse he had a car! He drove a Toyota Harrier…dont you roll your eyes, that car was the Landcruiser TX of our days! 

We had had one week of evening dates at the luxurious hangouts of our days…he had taken me to Planet yoghurt, Nawab restuarant and one evening rented the Garden city cinema for just the two of us…my oh my! He picked me up from my hall of residence every morning and picked me from class for our dates. In that week, I experienced what it would be like to date a very very rich and not afraid to show it kind of man. He was not short on compliments either and my ideas were the icon of his praise. 

Where was his down side you wonder…well he was not the one for me. He had it all and thus rarely saw the need for hardwork, partying till morning was not so far from his middle name and I realised that as it was for King Solomon’s first wife, I sure had alot of concubines to wait upon. 

Call me shallow or young, but in that one week I lived life with him and saw a different future from what I desired, yes the ride would be comfortable but the destination, where I was bound to spend my forever, would be wrong. So as I sat in his air conditioned car and he asked if we could take things to the next level…I smiled and said no. In shock he asked why. “You are too expensive”.. I replied, “I dont have to invest any money but to have you I must trade my future!” 

When he didnt call me for a month I realised he didnt understand me and I distracted myself by focussing on evening discussions hehehe …..and actually paying attention in class without thinking of where he would take me that evening. Three years later, he got married and has 3 kids…..makes me wonder what he meant when he said he doesnt see a future without me as his wife.#rolling my eyes

Why do I bore you yet again with my youth guy drama?! 

Well standing behind the mob of people that were yet to fight for another taxi, where they would be over loaded and pay double the price, made me think of Solomon. I asked myself whether I would be hustling in the taxi park if I had said yes…

“Ofcourse not!” Wise me said. “But neither would you have had a mechanical engineering degree, grown deeper in the Lord, focused on writing and having your own company. Big hiccup, you wouldn’t have found your sailor…and what is an ocean without it’s sailor….!!” At this I smiled wider, held my bag closer to my chest and fought my way through the mob to a window view in the back seat. 

It was not a comfortable ride, I dont think my neighbours had been on a date with soap and water in along while, yet the scent of my future to which I desired to go and was going to was stronger than their stench. Yes….there was no AC in this taxi and possibly the conductor would never remember my face, but I was going where I wanted to go; very cheaply. It only cost money, not my dreams!”

We often say that it’s not about the destination rather about the journey….but I add, if the destination ends up being wrong, then that negates the beauty of the journey. 

The walk with God is not easy for us who love comfort, He demands that we pray for those who persecute us, turn the other cheek. My “best” …”if someone forcefully takes your coat, give them your shirt also. If someone forces you to walk a mile with them, walk an extra mile with them!”Mat 5:40-41(paraphrase). 

As is true for the journey to success, it demands discipline, sacrifice deligence, self control and my “best” delayed gratification! Be not fooled to think we can attain success without God…for only He makes His grace abound that we may do all for His glory 2Cor 9:8(paraphrase). In only Him can we do all things.Phil 4:13(paraphrase)

Today I challenge you with this…..” the “car” you are in right now, is it going where you want to go or are you just enjoying the ride oblivious to your destination?”

This is applicable to all, your job, your work, dating, education and definitely on the road…..

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